Black Bear’s Lacrosse Academy (BBLA) is for intermediate to advanced lacrosse players who are looking to take their game to the next level. The curriculum is designed to develop a player’s fundamentals, lacrosse IQ, agility, footwork, explosiveness, and techniques in a fun/competitive environment for defensemen, attack, midfield, and goaltenders.  Each session will focus on teaching position specific individual and team skills/concepts through demonstrations, repetition, and competition.

       The Academy program focuses on giving players quality instruction to match their passion and desire to get better through the usage of small-group and position-specific instruction designed by Director Pat Jenkins, Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Ursinus College. Our coaches believe in a quality, not quantity approach.  Our goal is for players to see  measurable improvement in their game. We believe that through our program every player will improve through goal-setting and quality coaching.

Join The Movement, Get Better,  and Rise With Us!


Offensive Players| Development

Leading the offensive position work is BBLA Director and Coach Pat Jenkins, assistant lacrosse coach at Ursinus College. With Coach Jenkins, offensive players will learn:

  • Maximizing your dodge and dodging technique
  • Stick protection and using an aggressive defense to your advantage
  • Reading a defense and where slides are coming from
  • Feeding techniques
  • Crease play and how to finish inside with pressure
  • Shooting on the run and time/room shooting techniques
  • BBLA’s motion offense and finding the open man

Defensive Player| Development

Leading the defensive position work is Coach Chris Defeo, Defensive Coordinator at Perkiomen Valley High School.  With Coach Defeo players will learn:

  • Fundamental stick skills for defensive players

  • 4-Corners Approach: At X, Left Wing, Right Wing, Up Top

  • BBLA’s Inside-Out Banana Approach-Splitting the Field in Half

  • Dictating the man in 4-Corners Approach

  • Fire! Recover! Where-Here-STAY: COMMUNICATION sliding and recovering

  • Defensive ground balls and escapes

  • Checks: where to throw them and when to throw a check on your man


Goaltenders| Development

Leading the goaltender’s Coaches Kevin Mo (Goalie at Seton Hill University) and Henry Carkhuff (Goalie at Ferrum College). Goaltenders will learn:

  • Fundamentals stick skill work for goalies

  • Tracking the ball and hand-eye quickness

  • Footwork, angles and positioning

  • Making saves on island shots and time and room shots

  • Leading a Defense: communicating Fire, Find and Fill

  • Get the Break Going: outlets and starting transition