Black Bear Lacrosse Club is committed to offering families quality coaching and instruction with a goal of developing better lacrosse players to compete at the highest level they desire.


Black Bear has roster spots available for the 2018 summer. Please contact us at or 610-246-4788 for inquiries and additional info.

2026/27 (3rd/4th grade goalie & any position)

2025(5th grade goalie & any position)

2024 (6th grade goalie)

2023 (7th grade defense & attack)

2022 (8th grade defense & goalie)

2021(9th grade goalie & any position)

2020 (10th grade defense)

2019 (11th grade mid/FO)



Learn from the BEST COACHES this summer! We make sure to enjoy the FUN in fundamentals at our summer camps with daily games, contests, and drills that keep the boys moving while learning lacrosse! For more info check out our camps page!